We put a shadow box in a bag,
a human sized square circle in a smaller bag,
a twelve foot wand in a hand bag,
and a change bag in a baseball cap.

If there is one thing we know, it’s bags,
and wait ‘til you see what we’ve done with a force bag…

It is a mesh force bag that looks like something you would wash your delicates in or put your watch and wallet in and tie to a canoe.

What makes this bag so different from most force bags
is the bag starts out completely empty.
The audience drops the contents into the bag
and without you touching a single item in the bag,
it becomes a force bag with you in 100% control of what
item will be selected every single time!
Comes complete with two different sized Pandora Bags and a comprehensive DVD packed with routines and ideas such as:
Super Clue
Choose Your Own Adventure
Birthday Bingo
Show Biz Cards
Candy Mix-Up
And many more...

Plus, as an added bonus, the DVD has pdfs for many of the tricks like printable bingo cards and
2 special coloring book templates, pre-designed business cards you can print and the artwork for Super Clue.
Just pop the disc into your computer and you will have access to all those files.

Once you get going, you will quickly see that the routine options are endless. Just think of all the things you can put in a mesh bag and the creative ideas will start flowing: fall leaves, bugs, soda caps, bar codes, mattress tags, tickets, shopping receipts, spitballs, fortune cookie fortunes, puzzle pieces, and so on.

There are two sizes for different applications, they are all black with white mosquito netting -
making it really easy to see through.

ONLY $65 plus shipping

To order yours now, call us toll free at 1 800 971 6244
International orders please call 1 801 916 2442 or if you would like to pay with
a check or by PayPal, please email us and we will send you all the info!

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