CM Table
We put a shadow box in a bag.
We put victory cartons in a bag.
We put a human-sized square circle in a bag.
We even put Bryce's Screens in a bag.
Yet, after all that, you just might agree we saved the best for last...

Creative Magic's final product ever doesn't just put a table in a bag -
it puts your ENTIRE show in a bag.

Dimensions fully set up:
19" by 11"' table surface
36" tall

Dimensions in "Bag":
20" by 14" by 4"

Only 6 pounds

Introducing the Creative Magic Table.

Made of high-quality, durable fabric and light-weight corrugated plastic this table weighs less than a gallon of milk and sets up in under a minute.

But this isn't just another table.  This Table has a shelf to hold props, an interchangeable front cover (or table skirt), and the bag it all stores in unrolls to reveal countless pockets, pouches, clips, and elastics to store and organize your entire show.

The Creative Magic Table comes with a wide variety of pockets designed specifically to hold many of the most common magic props PLUS they are adjustable.  So if you want a deck of card near the top or a snowstorm to the side, you got it!  You decide not only what pockets you want to use but where they should go.

Creative Magic Tables are no longer in production.  They are extremely limited in quantity and available only through Creative Magic Portion Holders.  Once they are gone, they are gone FOREVER.



In my opinion is the most usable,
practical item you guys have ever produced! Freaking brilliant!

-  Tim Sonefelt

More thought has gone into this masterpiece than any other commercially-available table I have seen in the last 40 years. This is a monumental achievement in magic table technology!
- Steve Dawson

I absolutely LOVE this table.
I've been using a tray jack stand and a few other things to make up a portable table but your collapsible stand is brilliant!

- David Anthony  
As soon as I received the CM table I quickly put it together (before viewing the DVD)
and started putting items in it for a show I had that evening. I love the fact that I
can put my show stuff where I want it and not where manufacturer decided, and I can change it!

-Kent Messmer

Wow! this table is amazing!!!  I want to get two or three more for myself.
- Kunito

I have been collecting and making magic tables for 30 years and have never seen anything as cool as this table.   As a Cruise Ship Performer, who travels a lot, this table fills a long-felt need for me. 
I wish I had it a long time ago!  

- Kerry Summers

Creative Magic revolutionized magic for many performers. We no longer needed our giant overweight and awkward illusions when we wanted to do something larger. However, we still need our overweight and awkward magic tables...until now. Within 30 minutes of receiving my CM Table I had it loaded with my show equipment. Within another 30 minutes I was in front of an audience working out of it. I wish Brian had come out with this years ago. Creative Magic has truly raised the bar...again.
- Dal Sanders

Retail $595

Available ONLY from
Creative Magic Portion Holders.




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