Outside The Box Contest

- 2009 -


Last Christmas we released a trick we called "Knot a Card Trick." It was a specially
printed deck of Bikes with rope on them so you could perform the classic cut and restored rope trick! We never made it available on CreativeMagic.Net because it was a one trick pony - or so we thought. See, Creative Magic products are meant to be props that can be used for endless routines and applications, not packet tricks, and although we thought this was a fantastic trick, it was more of a packet trick than a prop.

Well, the feedback came in that there were more fun tricks that could be done with a rope deck and magicians suggested we put out a DVD with more tricks than just the cut and restored rope routine and add it to the official Creative Magic Street line.

You know us, we love a good contest, and this seems like a fun one. There are soo many tricks with rope and soooo many tricks with cards, so think of all the rope card tricks there must be...

If you don't already have a deck of rope cards now is the time to pick one up and, in fact, if you mention you are working on the 2009 OTB contest,
we will send you a second deck of rope FREE!

Have fun and let us know if you have any questions!

The rules are simple:

1) Send in your best routines (you can send in as many as you like)
2) If you send in a performance video your odds of winning are even better
3) All submissions need to be in by Aug 31st. 11:59pm
4) Creative Magic will narrow the candidates down and put them up for a vote
5) The ones that go on the DVD will get a free copy of the DVD and anywhere from $100 to $1000 in Creative Magic credit depending
how well the tricks were liked by other magicians (determined by a vote from Cutting Edge subscribers - another reason a video will help!)
6) You can add additional cards (draw a pair of scissors on a card or piece of cut rope or a half knot or a candle or tape or a pogo stick, etc)
7) We do reserve the right to not release a DVD if all your ideas stink and we will award valiant effort prizes at our discretion
8) By submitting an idea you agree that the idea is yours and give us permission to share it with others

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