Bigger Wands

Bigger Wands is a great prop to add to
any magic show to make it even more fun and more exciting for the kids.

It comes with 7 foam wands that kids love, ranging in size from 6" to more than 7 feet.

Bigger Wands can turn a 10 sec trick into a 5 min routine that kids and parents will remember you for. "Hey, you're the magician with the gigantic wands!" - we have heard it dozens of times!


Dimensions in bag:

30" long 10" wide

Less than 5 pounds

Dimensions fully set up:
wand 1 - 6"
wand 2 - 9"
wand 3 - 15"
wand 4 - 20"
wand 5 - 30"
wand 6 - 60" (5 feet)
wand 7 - 90" (7 and half feet)

The largest wand is great for photos that will, in turn,
keep people talking about your show and get you more bookings.

You can even use the wands as an upsell. We have added
them to family shows as an upsell dozens of times for $200 or more
(yep, more than the cost of the wands)!

Video of a live performance from one
of our customers Brian Scott.


"These wands take the ordinary and change it into the extraordinary. I hope no one else around me buys any because they are that good."
- Brian Scott

“The kids love the routine, the parents love the
photo ops and I love the ease and lightness of them.”
- Brandon Smith

"It's almost impossible for audiences NOT to like them. They're a visual powerhouse with built-in humor!"
- Tim Mannix

"One of the best bits of magic I have done
in a long time." - Greg Solomon

"I'm in my 6th year as a semi-regular guest on the morning news show of a local television station. Each performance is on live television in front of a new classroom of elementary children. As you can imagine, some tricks go over better than others, particularly at 6:00 a.m. Last week I performed "Bigger Wands" and it got a fantastic reaction! It's one of the best and most visual things I've performed on the air. I wish I could come up with something that packs that kind of punch each week." - Derrick Rose

"This is one of the top things people talk to me
about after the show." - Marc Trudel

"One of the best bits of magic I have done in a long time." - Greg Solomon

“Hands down the best thing I perform in my
kids show, period.” - Curtis Hickman

"The kids thought it was a riot... Highly recommended."
- Don Hill

"They were terrific... the wands were a big hit!"
- Tom Loveridge

"Very professionally made.
Thanks for doing such a good job."
- Daniel R.

"WOW! Phenomenal service!"

- Louis D. Lepore

“Bigger wands are great! Perfect for
any family show.” - Ken Scott

“The best children’s show prop we have seen in years.”
- David Goodsell - MUM magazine

"These are the best addition to my kids show ever!!!"
- Kerry Summers

"The laughs just get louder as the wands get bigger."
- Bill Reid

"By far the best $150 I have spent on magic, EVER!"
- Kevin Witt

"I have used the Bigger Wands in almost
every show since the day I got them."
- Dono the Clown

"This is a really funny bit. Thanks again for
having such great products."
- Michel Deslauriers

"They were AWESOME! The kids loved them,
parents and teachers were snapping pictures
left and right." - Jeff V

"Light weight and compact... As with all products from Creative Magic, they are also very well made for the working pro. Plus, I can finally prove that I really do have the biggest 'wand' at the next magic meeting!"
- Michael Mode

"Well worth the price, the kids love them, and has
built-in comedy potential." - Bill Mitchell

"The kids go crazy when the wands get bigger & bigger... very cute & fun." - JOE YU

"I can't stop playing with them! The quality is excellent. Great job!" - Jeffrey Stevens

"Love em'! Great product and worth every cent. Actually, you should charge double..."
- Chris Mcbrien

"These are a WANDerful buy and...
WANDerfully made!" - Doug King

"Priceless... I get 7 solid minutes with them."
- Daniel Martin

"I'm so happy with it. This prop is built for the
working magician like me."
- Lou Hilario

Bigger Wands packes light and easy to set up.
The kids just go crazy and love them.
- Fred K Magic

Bigger Wands is easy to assemble and comes in a nice, sturdy duffle bag.
It also comes with a color booklet explaining everything you need to know to
get the most out of your new foam wands.

ONLY $145
No Longer Available

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