Flip Switch

Finally, the illusion everyone has been requesting for nearly six years...

Possibly the most practical transposition ever...

Packs into the smallest duffle bag we have ever made...

A simple and beautiful prop that can be used in a wide variety of
appearances, disappearances, and transpositions.

NOTE: This is a super raw demo of the final prototype performed by our local magic club.

This is a tried and true principle in magic. We did not create this effect, we just put it in a duffle bag as so many of you have requested. It is our understanding that this exact same principle was used by many greats including Doug Henning and Lance Burton.

We are gathering more information on the history of this prop right now for the DVD. If you have any info, we would love to hear from you.

This performance shows two of the functions of the Flip Switch with all four poles (collapsible aluminum poles, of course).

But the fabric by itself could be used for the classic mummy vanish or the fabric with two poles could be used as a nice large cloth for other appearances or disappearances of large objects using any number of other principles.

ONLY $795
No Longer Available

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