B Screens

Have you ever wanted a more portable version
of the famous Bryce's Screens?

Well want no more!

Creative Magic is proud to introduce B Screens!

With permission from the inventor, Bryce Chambers, we have taken the original mastermind illusion and made it lighter, more portable, more durable and even more versatile than ever!

B Screens is made up of top quality aluminum bungee frames covered in fabric. You can leave it set up and it packs flat or for traveling you can pack it down it to a small carrying bag!

We used tp offer a variety of fabric styles on a first come first serve basis but we no longer do.
We now offer, red, blue and silver - the most poulare colors.

B Screens is the perfect way to produce Santa or a CEO
because it can be learned in minutes! It is also a great
way to produce yourself because it is fast and visual! It’s a
time-tested illusion that can even be performed surrounded!

B Screens can also be used as a backdrop, split in two
to create side wings, or adapted for other screen
or panel illusions as well.

Dimensions Set Up:
About 6' 6" high and 12 feet wide

Dimensions in bag:

29" long and 12" high

About 15 pounds

Plus, a signed / numbered certificate of authenticity and an instructional DVD and booklet.

These performances were not performed in front of a live audience. Had we had an audience we would have invited spectators to stand around the screens or for the Santa appearance you can have a circle of kids holding hands as Santa appears!

Retail $1250
No Longer Available

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