ONLY $45 with DVD

Not only is it the most innocent looking and
un-suspecting change bag ever, it's also something that can be used by close up performers as well.

It looks just like an ordinary baseball cap, and you can wear it just like a baseball cap. It is stretch fit so the standered size fits most, but you don't have to wear it at all. It can be used for endless change bag effects for stage workers, mentalists, kids performers, and street performers.

PLEASE NOTE: the Change Cap works differently than most change bags; the gimmick is not mechanical, it is a manual change that happens when you "close" the hat.

Imagine throwing two safety pins in the cap, shaking it around and, just like that, they are linked. If someone asks for change for a dollar, just take off your hat, throw the dollar in and, before you know it , coins are rattling around.

Perfect for restoring a torn card or forcing any number or object.

A natural way for a mentalist to collect slips of paper with personal information!

And the list goes on and on. In fact, we held a contest for the best ideas for using the Cap and recieved hundreds of fantastic ideas. The top 52 ideas made it to the Change Cap DVD.

Change Cap with DVD- $45 - No Longer Available
Change Cap only- $25 -
No Longer Available

The Change Cap comes with a black, one size fits most baseball cap and a full color booklet with a few ideas to get you started, including Andrew Mayne's Spitball Catch (the effect that Brian Daniel, the creator, uses the Change Cap for). Please specify if you would like a small, standard, or extra large Cap.

Small (approx. 53 cm or size 6 5/8)
Standard (approx. 57 cm or size 7 1/8)
XLarge (approx. 60 cm or size 7 1/2)

Change Cap DVD - $25 - No Longer Available  

This DVD walks you through how to break your cap in, how to properly handle it and a few ways to customize it to fit your needs.

Plus, you get 52 routines from magicians all over the world divided into four categories: stage, kids, club and street. These range from three cap monte to predicting pets names, making fire in your cap to a poor man’s card sword or turning a kid into a frog.

Over two hours of fantastic routines and ideas plus you also get three iron-on patches for customizing your Change Cap!

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