Shadow Tent Ideas

Magicians are creators. Not only are the great magicians creators
of new methods and new routines but more importantly, they are creators of
magical moments and memories that will last a lifetime for children and adults alike.
Take a look at the definitions of "magic" and "create".

Mag-ic (maj'ik) n. 1. The art of producing illusions.
Cre-ate (kre-at') v. 1. To cause to come into being as something unique.

At first glance they seem very similar (creating illusions/producing objects…)
and you might say that Creative Magic is an oxymoron. But the definition of create
has a key word at the end, "unique." Too often in magic we find ourselves
producing the exact same things as every other magician
has since the silk was invented.

Our goal at Creative Magic is not only to offer some fresh new approaches
to magic but to hopefully spark some creative juices in others, as well.
Here are dozens of creative ideas for performing the Shadow Tent, not so you can
just pick one you like and do it, but in hopes that it will help you to have a
new idea that fits you and your show.


Inside the Male's Mind - by Kerry Summers
A three dimensional look into an audience members
head filled with laughs and amazing magic.
(2005"Outside The Box Contest" 1st place winner)

Afraid of yourself - by Dan Martin
The magician reenacts his last camping experience where hew
was a little jumpy. So jumpy in fact he is startled by a shadow and runs off
stage and then instantly rips open the tent to show
it was he that he was afraid of all along.
(2005"Outside The Box Contest" 2nd place winner)

Gorilla of YOUR imagination - by Matthew Hampel
Throughout the show a gorilla’s shadow appears in the tent but
the magician never sees it. As a final the gorilla appears and
sure enough it is the magician inside.
(2005"Outside The Box Contest" 3nd place winner)

Crime Scene - by Tyler Jacobs
Police make a thorough inspection of a camp site but not thorough
enough because people keep appearing in the tent.
(2005"Outside The Box Contest" 4th place winner)

Inside Out - Kevin Wit
A three dimensional version of Robert Baxter’s Computer Cutie
with an even more surprising ending.
(2005"Outside The Box Contest" 5th place winner)

The rest of the ideas will be posted shortly so please come back.


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